Dizziness and Demotivation



The last few days haven’t been great. I keep struggling with stomach cramps and light-headiness. This is currently being looked into but at the moment, we have no idea what the issue is I’m just being put on medication to try and manage the symptoms. This isn’t working as well as hoped.

Since August I’ve been having issues with stomach cramps, it gradually got worse but eventually meant I was struggling to work out. After being on various medications, an on-going issue I had been having with light-headiness got A LOT worse. It meant I had around a month off the gym and spent it feeling horrific.

I started to feel better for a few days; I was able to get back in the gym, I was feeling like my old self and I almost forgot I was having these issues. Then on Monday, it all hit me. At work, with my gym bag in my car (ready to go straight there) BAM! Stomach cramps back. Then on Tuesday the light headiness started to come back as well. It’s already been difficult enough to stay motivated after getting back into the gym once I realised how much fitness and strength I’d lost (almost ignoring the stone in weight I’d put on in the meantime).

I’ve been trying to think about this in a new way to stop me feeling quite so demotivated. After spending all of last year working so hard to lose four and a half stone and getting into shape, I feel like I’m going backwards. I’ve been struggled to keep my focus and stay in the mind-set of eating well as the constant feeling crap. I’ve decided to view it as – Last year was the challenge to lose the weight, this year is the challenge to stay positive regardless as to what life throws at me.

Almost of if he knew, my old PT messaged me the other day to check in, see how I’m doing and how my training is going. I gave him a download of everything (he already knew about some of the light-headiness but not to its current extent). He was helping by reiterating the fact that I need to stay positive about the things I can control and just let everything else slide, there’s no point worrying about what I can’t change. If I just focus on what I can control then I know I’m still doing everything to the best of my ability.

Hopefully, the next few days will get better and some of the future posts will be in a more positive light.


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