About Me

If the ‘me’ of October 2013 met the girl writing this today, she wouldn’t recognise herself. Since December 2013 (17th December to be exact) I decided enough was enough and I needed to lose some weight. I know what you’re thinking what kind of strange motivated person starts a diet with less than 10 days to go until Christmas. Me.

I had just had enough, as a reluctant UK size 16, all my size 14 clothes were uncomfortably tight but I refused to buy a bigger size, I knew my days of yo-yo fad dieting had to stop and I needed to sort.my.life.out.

If I had the forethought I perhaps would have started this back then and documented the whole journey, but that’s the joy of hindsight. I don’t even have a good before picture of me from that time, I refused to let there be any evidence of what I had done to myself. I had various issues that the doctors wouldn’t take seriously and blamed my weight and nothing else. I wasn’t happy and it needed to change.Screenshot_2015-11-06-20-52-10-1

I started watching what I eat in terms of limiting my calories, but that only got me so far. I didn’t fully appreciate until I started seeing a personal trainer that it isn’t as simple as calories in and calories out. He helped me understand the nutritional side of it as well as how much fun weight and interval training can be. Within a year, I’d lost 1/3 of my body weight and had gone from over 30% body fat to 17%. It was a pretty good year.

I started to become passionate about food, but this time good food. My plate is normally full of various colours and seasonal vegetable rather than heavily processed, can sit in the cupboards for 3 years ‘food’. I have started to experiment with gluten free, dairy free and vegan recipes as well as starting to love baking. I have adopted the feeling that if I’m going to have chocolate cake, it had better be worth the week long wait!

After discovering everything I was capable of and new passions, this second year hasn’t been as easy. I thought losing weight was meant to be the hard part, not keeping it off! After numerous injury and illness, around a stone of weight has gone back on and some of the new clothes I brought have got a bit tight. Determined not to slip back into old habits, I have had to really focus to pull my mind-set back into focus. But for me the lapse in concentration also comes with a lapse in self-confidence and self-worth. I can’t be the only one who can achieve something great but struggle to stay positive, right?



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